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Personal training

I'm a complete beginner. Is personal training right for me? 


What is the format of the sessions? 

Personal training sessions are one hour long. Before your first session, you will fill in a pre-consultation form which will include a heath questionnaire to assess your readiness for physical activity and another questionnaire to find more about your current activity levels and goals. At the first session, we will have a thorough consultation to discuss  your currently lifestyle, activity levels and goals in more detail. We will then set goals and I will conduct assessments  depending on your goals. After the first session, we will have a 10 minute check-in to reflect on... followed by a 45 minute workout (including warm up) and a 10 minute cool down. You will be sent an update workout programme to do ahead of the next session.

What should I wear?

Sports clothing you are comfortable in! Tighter-fitting clothes are preferable as it is easier to assess posture and technique. You can train in trainers or barefoot - just make sure the surface you train on isn't slippery. 


What equipment do I need?

You can start with no equipment, especially if you are a complete beginner. However, as you build strength and experience, it will be preferable and sometime essential to get the results you want.

As a starter, I would recommend:

1 light set of weights (dumbbells)

1 medium set of weights (dumbbells or kettlebells)

How will online sessions be conducted? What do I need?


I have an injury. Can I train with you?

If you have an injury which is causing you pain, you should see a physiotherapist or your GP before beginning ...

I suffer from pain in my lower back. Can I train with you? 

Do you train pre and post natal? 

Can you help with building strength?

Can you help with weight loss goal? 

Can you help with nutrition?

Do you do online personal training?

Do you do in-person personal training?

Do you do gym-based personal training? 

Can I do personal training with a friend? 

How much do you charge? How do payments work? 

How can I find out more?

Contact me to arrange an initial chat so you can find out more and see if you

Corporate classes

What type of classes do you offer for corporate companies?

How much do you charge?

How can I find out more?

Bespoke programmes

Who is this for?

If you're looking to achieve a specific goal in a fixed space or time, or need something to kickstart your fitness routine - then this is for you. The programme is completely personalised towards your goals, experience, ability and time available so you can be confident that these programmes are right for you.


These bespoke programmes are for those who are already confident with a variety of exercises and like to work out independently. 


What is included?

A thorough consultation, goal setting and assessment 

A 'kick-off' session to go over the plan and ask any questions 

Progress tracker 

Optional weekly 10 minute check ins


What can I expect to be included in the programme?

The programme will be completely personalised to you so no two programmes will be the same! 


How much do you charge?

4 week programme: £80 

8 week programme : £140 

12 week programme £ 190

About me 

How did you become a personal trainer?

What is your approach to fitness?

What qualifications do you have? 

I have a Level 2 fitness instructor qualification and a Level 3 personal trainer qualification with Premier Global National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM)

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