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CY's fit club

  • 4 x Classes

    To use for park or online classes
    Valid for 12 months

What is Cy's Fit Club?

My Fit Club is here to support your lifestyle with strength and mobility-based exercises to support you in doing the activities in life you love most. Whether you're a competitive amateur athlete or are just looking to get stronger for your general health, my Fit Club classes will help you get stronger, reduce your risk of injury and help you feel your best.

Check out when the next park class or online class are, and book yourself onto the next session!


Incorporate the exercises and techniques you learn from the Fit Club classes regularly as part of your exercise routine, and expect these benefits:

💪🏼 Reduce risk of injury for sport and everyday activities
💪🏼 Improve performance for sport and everyday activities 
💪🏼 Increase strength and reduce the risk of muscle wastage later in life
💪🏼 Improve bone health
💪🏼 Feel like a strong badass now, and later in life

What equipment do I need?​

You don't need any equipment to join in, and you can get a good workout with just your body weight. However, as you progress, I highly recommend using some equipment to keep you progressing and building your strength and fitness. 

I recommend a long loop resistance band (or two) as a great piece of starter equipment – which you will be able to use for many exercises and as you progress. 

I also recommend weights (a kettlebell and/ or dumbbells) and a short loop resistance band in my classes which are optional.

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