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About me

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My specialism

take an evidence-based approach focusing on strength and mobility to help my clients reduce their injury risk, move better and feel great.

My fitness philosophy

We know that exercise and build strength is good for us, but there are so many barriers that get in our way including time constraints and just not knowing where to start. My aim is to break down these barriers to make physical activity accessible and enjoyable. 

 I create programmes and deliver sessions which give my clients the knowledge, skills, and motivation they need to reach their fitness goals and stick to them.

More about me

I first got 'into' exercise in my late teens and early 20s. I took up tag rugby as my main sport and I progressed to play for Great Britain. After two major sports-related knee operations before the age of 25,  I was driven to understand how to reduce my risk of injury and build a healthy, strong body that lets me do what I love. I'm now passionate about helping others feel fit and great in their bodies.


  • Level 2 Certified Fitness Instructor – NASM

  • Level 3  Certified Personal Trainer – NASM

  • Corrective Exercise Specialist – NASM

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