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How it works


finding out more

Drop me a message via the contact form (red button at the top right) to express your interest. I'll be in touch to set up a consultation to find out what you're looking to get out of personal training and answer any questions you might have. 


First session:
goal setting and movement assessment

Sessions are around 50 minutes and take place at Bondi Beach near the outdoor gym. We'll discuss your health and fitness history and goals in more detail,  I'll assess your movement and strength and we'll go through a mini session. 


Review your goals: Looking back and looking forward

As well as ongoing feedback in our sessions, at the end of the block I will ask for your reflections on how you found the last block to allow me to continue to tailor our sessions to best help you achieve your goals. We will also look ahead to foresee any potential barriers and set you up for success in your training! 


Signing up

You'll get all the details and forms to fill in so you know exactly what to expect and what the next steps are. 

If you decide to sign up, we'll schedule the first session! 


Programme block

Using the information you provide from the first session, I'll  create a completely personalised programme to help you achieve your goals. Your programme block will normally last 4-week or 6-week, in which time  you'll learn to execute different exercises with good form, learn about how they support your goals and progress within the exercises week-on-week. 



It's a real joy to work with Cyan as my personal trainer. She takes such great care and really makes sure that the exercises she asks me to do both push me and build my strength and mobility whilst also ensuring I don't exacerbate existing injuries. This is particularly welcome as I build up my strength postpartum, having had two babies close together. 


is outdoor
Personal training for me? 

Outdoor personal training with me can work very well for a range of goals including building strength and reducing injury risk – with the added bonus of being in the fresh air by the beach! 


There are a lot of great and challenging exercises we can do without fancy gym equipment and minimal weights. 

However, if your main goal with personal training is to lift very heavy weights, then outdoor personal training is probably not for you. 

You do not need any particular equipment to get started, but I would recommend having an exercise mat, towel and a hat with you! 


1-to-1 Personal Training

$80 per session for a block of 5

$70 per session for a block of 10

2-to-1 Personal Training 

$120 per session for a block of 5 

$100 per session for a block of 10 

Get in touch for a free consultation!

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